Completion of our Sustainability Series

Completion of our Sustainability Series

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Brief History

We have showcased a number of our sustainability projects now in the lead up to #European Sustainable Energy Week.

Since Axiseng was founded in 2004 we have seen the focus of our role move towards sustainable solutions as the industry tries to tackle the challenges associated with reducing energy consumption and carbon outputs from the built environment. Our team of Engineers are skilled in environmental modelling and design to offset the targets that have been and continue to be set for our clients across numerous sectors. We closely monitor developments at the Department of Environment and SEAI to understand how sustainability in future construction projects is being legislated and regulated. We are excited about our role in tackling the retrofit of existing buildings and the design of new buildings to meet environmental, energy and climate targets.

Royal Dublin Society

In 2005, Axiseng were appointed as Building Services Consultants for the development of two new office buildings on Simmonscourt Road for the Royal Dublin Society. One of the main reasons that we were successful was our ability to provide sustainable design solutions. We provided advice to optimise the performance of the building façade in minimising heating and cooling loads while maintaining good daylight levels. Some of the technology that was utilised included floor plenum ventilation and ice thermal storage and heat recovery ventilation. The buildings eventually achieved a BREEAM excellent rating.


Axiseng have worked with Google, one of the world’s leading technology giants, for over 10 years, delivering first their major refurbishment of their Barrow Street campus in 2010 and continue to work with them today.  The project included one of the earliest LEED projects in the Dublin market again demonstrating Axiseng’s ability to lead and adopt to sustainable design.  Today we continue to work with and lead the market with this client including programs to decarbonise their building whilst maintaining an exceptional built environment for their staff and visitors.


Spencer Dock Development – Salesforce Tower

The Salesforce Tower is their most sustainable premises in the world. We delivered M&E solutions for the development which now boasts the LEED V4 Platinum and Wired Score Certifications. It is also one of the first Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) enjoyed by a commercial occupier in the Irish market.   The building is also fossil-fuel free and uses heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water generation.

The Future

Axiseng will continue to embrace the sustainability challenges of delivering buildings that impact less on our environment.  This comes through continuous innovation, willingness to embrace new technology and continued development of our talent. Working with all members of the design and construction team in a collaborative approach allows Axiseng to continue to be a leader in the sustainability space.