• Central Park, Block N
  • Central Park, Block N
  • Central Park, Block N
  • Central Park, Block N

Central Park, Block N


Dublin, Ireland

- present, 2018

The developer, Henderson Park is a private equity real estate manager specialising in owning and managing tertiary real estate assets (offices, industrial sites, and businesses). They have developed previous blocks within the Central Park Campus.

This site is located within the Central Park business campus in Leopardstown. The proposed development consists of three separate office buildings: N1, N2 and N3, and a wellness centre.

Central Park’s three new buildings will be six to eight storeys over lower ground floor and basement, whilst parking for up to 474 vehicles and 474 bicycles is to be provided in the basements.

The building N1 (currently on site) includes the following accommodation spaces: CAT A office areas, reception and atrium, lifts, lobbies and staircases, storerooms, and other ancillary spaces. A hybrid ventilated car park and a bicycle storage with changing areas will be also provided.

Axiseng was commissioned by the client to lead the mechanical and electrical services design of the S&C and CAT A fit-out of the development, which to date consists of over 18,000m² of total space (Block N1).

The mechanical and electrical installations included the application of highly efficient technologies such as multi-function heat pumps providing the heating and cooling and domestic hot water to the building without fossil fuel usage. Other energy efficient design solutions are LED lighting with intelligent control, waterside controlled EC motor 4 pipe FCU’s and variable speed fans and pumps.

The building has a target of a LEED Gold rating.

The building site itself is highly constrained, including the proximity to the LUAS. By placing most of the plant in the basement & lower ground, letting area could be maximised and noise minimised.