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Annacoty Warehouse




Uniphar is a trusted global partner to pharma and medtech manufacturers, working to improve patient access to medicines in Europe and around the world. They provide outsourced and specialised services to our clients. Uniphar is also the largest integrated healthcare supply and services provider in Ireland.

This development in 2020 is a fully automated pharmaceutical storage and distribution facility to serve the Limerick area.

Axiseng was commissioned to design the alteration of an existing warehouse to house the automated systems along with the associated elements.

These included increase in power supply, creation of a newly constructed office facility, resilient comms rooms and the installation of a warehouse temperature control system suitable for HPRA licencing.

The automation system within the building required a substantial power supply not only for its operation but also for its commissioning.  As the power supply required the creation of a new ESB substation, we were required to find a means of providing a power supply for commissioning of this during the construction phase.

The project was delivered on a phased basis due to the requirement to have the space ready for the automated equipment to be commissioned ahead of completion.  This required a temporary power supply and electrical service to be brought to the automation system whilst the office was under construction.

The project was delivered during a global pandemic requiring Axiseng to work closely with the contractors to ensure the specified products could be procured on time.  This was deemed an essential project as it was a key piece of infrastructure in the delivery of medicine in the region.