• 32 Molesworth Street
  • 32 Molesworth Street

32 Molesworth Street

3,000 m2

Dublin, Ireland

2014, 2017

The client, Green REIT plc, who is Ireland’s first Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), is listed on both the Irish and London Stock Exchanges. Its mission is to continue adding to its portfolio of high-quality commercial property in Ireland.

This development comprises of a a commercial office block extending out to School House Lane, a refurbished listed Georgian house, which serves as the link from Molesworth Street through a new fully glazed atrium, and a car park in part of the basement.

The client chose us for our experience in creating high-grade commercial office space within constrained city centre sites.

The physical restrictions of working with an historic Georgian house and a need to maximise lettable space created a number of challenges for the mechanical and electrical installations. Additionally, the programme and budget were tightly monitored to ensure the building was brought market as soon as possible at a competitive cost.

Given these challenges, many of the design elements had to be considered differently. Installing full air-conditioning, and allowing for future IT fit-out in a Georgian structure, required the testing of several options and creating custom-made solutions. Most of the plant was located in the basement, including the AC units, while a new type of car lift – never before seen in Ireland in a commercial setting – meant parking could be provided without compromising the lettable floor space.

Having a good relationship with the contractors allowed us to closely monitor their progress and quality of work, and helped to keep the project on-budget and on-schedule.

32 Molesworth Street also achieved the distinction of a LEED Gold rating.

The project also won the Irish Design & Building Association Awards 2017 in the category Commercial/Office.