• RDS Masterplan

RDS Masterplan


Dublin, Ireland


Founded in 1731, the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) are a philanthropic society established to further the broad economic and cultural development in Ireland and are located on the south side of the city in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

The project comprised of a review of the existing electrical distribution system across the entire RDS campus, advice on the reliability and capacity of the existing distribution system to meet the current, short term and long term electrical demands of the campus and propose a Masterplan solution that would support foreseeable future developments on the campus.

Subsequent to the presentation of the Masterplan, Axiseng were commissioned by the RDS to provide professional services on the replacement of the existing distribution centres that required urgent remedial action.

The present electrical distribution system on the campus was developed, extended and modified on an ad-hoc basis over an extended period of time. The extensions and modifications were generally carried out on a “once off” basis to meet the needs of individual new load centres and increased demand in existing load centres. As a  result, there was no foundation to the electrical system. Details of the original structure were not recorded and records of the various extensions and modifications were unreliable.

Axiseng carried out detailed surveys of the existing electrical distribution systems and recorded the information in schematic and layout drawing format together with the report on the various elements of the existing systems.

Axiseng developed and designed a Masterplan that fully addressed and satisfied the needs of the RDS while improving the resilience of the existing electrical system and include facilities to allow for future developments in a structured manner yet preserving the overall heritage of the campus.