• Donnybrook Fair, Malahide

Donnybrook Fair, Malahide

600 m2

Dublin, Ireland

2014, 2015

Donnybrook Fair is a branch of Morehampton Foods that provides gourmet food and quality services to the local community and surrounding areas. Since first opening its doors to the public over 10 years ago, the company has expanded rapidly with its latest addition located in Malahide, Co. Dublin.

The project involved the refurbishment of an existing retail unit in Malahide which was operating as a hardware store. The development included the fit-out of the shop floor, bakery and café, chilled storage, market and seating areas, staff canteen and store rooms.

Since Donnybrook Fair is a high-end artisan food store, it was critical for Axiseng take into careful consideration a high level of services provision to facilitate the operation of the store.

Since the incoming utilities were shared with the adjacent residential unit, early engagement with utility providers was critical to the success of the project.

Careful selection of the plant and equipment and design of the mounting systems on the roof were important to ensure that permitted heights above roof level were not exceeded as well as cause an issue to surrounding neighbours.

Axiseng coordinated and liaised with all specialist providers requiring service attendances including lifts, catering, security, sound systems, automatic doors to ensure that the required technical services were implemented effectively, efficiently and successfully.

The new facility has created up to 40 new jobs for the local community and neighbouring towns.