• Curragh Camp Heritage Museum
  • Curragh Camp Heritage Museum

Curragh Camp Heritage Museum

500 m2


2007, 2008

Located in Curragh Camp in County Kildare, this Military Heritage Museum is a single storey existing building with exposed roof trusses and attic space.  It was constructed on the site of an existing disused stable building.  The existing building was largely dilapidated and the only existing building elements retained were the concrete floors and the external walls.

The facility comprised of one public open space and a number of sub-areas as described below:

Function Area:

A primary function of the Function area is for the display of Defence forces memorabilia and paraphernalia.

This area comprised a single large space in which the steel trusses remained exposed.

A services duct was installed along the centre line of the open space to facilitate new services routes including Electrical and Mechanical services.

Office area: 

This area comprised a single small 14m2 space for administration use and public monitoring.

The building was designed to be used on an infrequent basis and was to operate on an appointment basis.